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Kairosoft releases their newest title Dream House Days for free

Almost two weeks ago we mentioned that two Kairosoft games had appeared on Google Play for residents of Japan and users who use Market Enabler. Kairosoft is usually pretty quick now with translating their Japanese released games over to English and so two weeks after posting about those games, Kairosoft has released one of them called Dream House Days onto Google Play.

We were pretty close with how we described this game in our previous article but there are some notable differences. While you are building your dream house in this game, you also act as landlord as well. That means you are building one big ass house that happens to also be rented out to a lot of people.

You will be able to build theme specific rooms such as an arcade room, movie room or a sauna. Certain combinations of rooms will ‘power-up’ their effects and also allow you to charge more rent. The better the rooms, the more famous the tenant. While you are concentrating on this aspect of the game, you will also be acting as a bit of a councilor to your tenants. Your tenants will be asking you for advice and guidance on a variety of topics from romance to career choices. You may even get a few of them to marry and start up a family.

There happens to be a bit of a social aspect to Dream House Days as well. You will be able to add up to five friends by entering their ID number. You will also get bonuses based on their total play time. Finally, this is one of the few games Kairosoft has released that is actually free to download instead of paying the usual $4.99 price tag.

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Google Play Link: Dream House Days

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