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More details on the upcoming Road Hogs update for Bad Piggies

Yesterday Rovio teased fans about an upcoming update for their physics-based puzzle game that is all about the pigs in the Angry Birds universe called Bad Piggies. When we reported on the update, which is being tentatively called Road Hogs, we didn’t have too many details about it at the time. Well now we have a bit more information and Road Hogs will actually be a new mode to play in Bad Piggies.

This update is apparently going to come with 30 new levels for the ‘Flight in the Night’ episode and the Road Hogs part of the update is actually going to be a new mode available in the game. What exactly is this new Road Hogs mode? Well we still don’t know anything about it and Rovio is keeping pretty quite about it.

Usually when Rovio introduces any sort of new mode or mechanic in any of their games, they tend to be pretty good. We will just have to wait until Rovio decided to let the details slip out unfortunately. As of right now there is still no word on exactly when this update will arrive.

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