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Side-scrolling zombie shooting action has appeared in the form of Call of Mini: Brawlers

Radiation leak at a nuclear power plant? Your next door neighbor acting odd and eating brains? Well now you can take care of this sort of thing by grabbing your guns and taking out the trash in this new side-scrolling, zombie filled shooter from Triniti Interactive called Call of Mini: Brawlers.

In Call of Mini: Brawlers you choose between 5 different playable characters and are tasked with completing challenges and objectives in each level. Every level you play has one main objective that changes each time. These include surviving for a total amount of time, killing a specific amount of zombies and running so many meters. Players must complete these objectives without dying in order to progress and at the end of every stage, players will be awarded gold coins based on how well they perform. Along with the main objectives there are also Challenges which are areas where you can gain more coins and you can complete these more then once to help keep things fresh.

Call of Mini: Brawlers Features:

– Loads of weapons
– Awesome 3D graphics
– Frantic zombie-blasting action
– 5 playable characters
– All kinds of zombie baddies
– Infinite stages
– Tons of challenges
– Upgradable weapons

Controls are simple, to move you tap the left or right arrows and the fire button to shoot. You can rotate through 4 different weapons, which can be upgraded with the coins you earn at the end of the stage, and several different power ups. There are some IAP available for you here for those that are impatient or want to try out different weapons, and while you do gain coins playing the main game some items will require Crystals to be purchased.  It’s possible to earn Crystals while playing as well, but don’t expect to earn them quickly. 

Looking for a new side-scrolling zombie shooter filled with a variety of infinite stages and upgradable weapons? If so then you might want to head to the Play Store and download Call of Mini: Brawlers. It will cost you a whole lot of free to do so. One quick thing to note: Unlike other Triniti Interactive games, some users are reporting lag and crashing with Call of Mini: Brawlers. Hopefully the devs clear this up quickly.

Google Play Link: Call of Mini: Brawlers

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