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Dungeon Quest invades Android bringing with it loot-based Action-RPG goodness

Dungeon Quest is a new Loot-based Action-RPG released by Shinny Box Games. This is a Beta release and as such only includes one class, The Wizard. The Wizard will gain different spells from many of the items he loots and you will be able to customize the loot you earn by enchanting them with different attributes.

The game features random loot drops and random dungeons ensuring that you never will have the same experience twice. The story is broken down into 4 Acts and each Act has its own unique boss to face down at the end.

Dungeon Quest Features:

– Equip your wizard with amazing randomized loot you find on your adventure!
– Never fight in the same dungeon twice! Climb your way through 100 levels divided into 5 difficulty levels.
– Test your skill against one of 4 Legendary bosses at the end of every Act!
– Upgrade the loot you find by using the Enchanting and Stat Re-rolling systems.
– Fight to get to the top of our experience leaderboard to prove that you’re the most experienced wizard in all the land!
– We are adding new content all the time in preparation for our final release in the next two months!

So if your a fan of fantasy RPG’s and random dropped loot you should check out what Shinny Box Games has done. Since this is only a Beta you can be sure they are working on more new content and new classes. Download now  as the price is free.

Google Play Link: Dungeon Quest

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