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Glu Mobile offering up double coins to players in Eternity Warriors 2

Glu Mobile is running a promotion right now for a limited time where anyone who plays Eternity Warriors 2 can earn double the amount of coins than what they normally earn while playing. So how does this new in-game promotion work? Well it is pretty simple actually.

All you have to do is continue doing what you normally do in Eternity Warrior 2. All enemy kills will now give you double the amount of gold that they would normally give you. So if you happen to enjoy grinding, this will definitely help you out in getting your funds raised up in game.

So when does this promotion end? Glu Mobile hasn’t said when it will end but you can be sure it won’t be running for too long so you might want to get to hacking up monsters sooner rather than later.

Google Play Link: Eternity Warriors 2

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