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Namco Bandai’s Tekken Card Tournament now in open beta

About a week ago we talked about a Tekken game that would be heading our way soon from Namco Bandai. While it is unfortunately not a head-to-head combat game in the series’ traditional sense, it is still a combat game nonetheless. For those of you who are waiting for the game to arrive, Tekken Card Tournament is now available in open beta.

There is one catch to the open beta though. While Tekken Card Tournament is going to be a cross-platform multiplayer game, for this open beta it is strictly limited to browsers for the time being. The smartphone and tablet versions are on the way but Namco Bandai wants to get a head start on beta testing and balancing so they’ve gone this route with the browser version for now.

For those of you who missed our previous article about Tekken Card Tournament, this is a multiplayer card battle game with some pretty unique features. You get to see the battle unfold in 3D animation but you also get to participate in it since combat is turn-based. Each turn you will choose either Focus, Strike or Block and depending on your choice, and that of your opponent, you’ll see the outcome unfold in actual animated battle. Matches as also time-based so even though it is turn-based combat, it can get pretty hectic since you have a limited amount of time to beat your opponent, just like in the arcade version of the game.

On top of that, you can buy booster packs of new characters and buffs either digitally or through purchasing actual physical booster packs from stores. The physical booster packs can also be used to play Tekken Card Tournament in person with other people using physical cards. To add your physical cards to your digital collection, just scan them and you’re set.

The open beta just started so if you want to get some practice ahead of time before the mobile version of Tekken Card Tournament is released, you can jump into the open beta playing the game through your browser.

Official Website: Tekken Card Tournament

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