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The Winners for the $10 Google Play Gift Cards and T-Shirts are…

So it is time to pick our winners for yesterday’s giveaway of five $10 Google Play Gift Cards with a couple of winners being extra lucky and getting hooked up with a new black DroidGamers T-shirt as well as the gift card. So who are the lucky winners for our Day 2 of our week of giveaways?

Each winner will receive a $10 Google Play gift card and two of those winners will also receive a brand new black DroidGamers T-shirt with our new logo on the front (they look pretty bad ass). So without further delay, here are the five winners along with the prizes they won:

– “JT Cool”: $10 Google Play gift card (Time Expired)

– Timothy Culver: $10 Google Play gift card + DroidGamers T-Shirt (Claimed)

– David Munoz: $10 Google Play gift card + DroidGamers T-Shirt (Claimed)

– Eker Wong: $10 Google Play gift card (Claimed)

– Jolio Nava: $10 Google Play gift card (Claimed)

Congratulations to all five winners! We will be contacting you through email that you’ve won. In order to claim your prize(s) you must email us back within 24 hours. If you do not, we will pick another winner for your prize(s).

So what’s on the menu for out next giveaway? Well you’ll be finding out pretty quickly as it will begin this afternoon so don’t go running off too far!

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