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Fast-paced minimalistic puzzler PUK invading Android this March

Orange and white, those are the two colors you will soon be seeing a lot of this upcoming March when Laser Dog releases their fast-paced minimalistic puzzle game PUK onto Google Play. We always have a ‘thing’ for unique looking games, whether they be indie or otherwise, and PUK fits right into this category but don’t let the minimalistic art style fool you, this can be a hectic puzzle game to try and master.

While this is classified as an endless puzzle game, there are actually a set amount of levels. Actually getting through all of them in the set amount of time that you have is a whole different story. The goal of PUK is to destroy each portal in each stage, trying to get through as many stages as possible in a set amount of time. Destroying portals is done by firing little discs at the portal.

Of course this is easier said then done. You’ll have various obstacles in your way so you will have to master bounce shots and other tricks in order to complete each stage as fast as you can. Even though there are a set amount of levels for PUK, the chances of you actually getting the same combination of levels in multiple runs is almost impossible just because there are so many levels.

If you’re interested in picking up PUK, you’ll have to be a little patient as the game won’t be released until March 25th, 2013. When it does though it will be available on sale for one month to celebrate the game’s release for $0.99. You can check out an early preview of the gameplay in the video below.

Developer Website: Laser Dog

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