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OrangePixel will be bringing all of their cool retro-style games to OUYA

In terms of content OUYA seems to keep on growing bigger and bigger. While not all of the games submitted during OUYA’s CREATE contest will be made into full titles for us to play, there are still plenty of them that will become full titles and there are plenty of developers outside of the CREATE contest working on games for the Android powered console.

The fine folks over at OrangePixel, who happen to make plenty of the top retro-style Android games on Google Play, have announced that they will be bringing all of those games over to OUYA as well. In fact they have already been working on porting their games over to OUYA and even have a video showing off their newest game Gunslugs running on OUYA in 2-player mode.

If you backed OUYA on Kickstarter or have pre-ordered yourself a unit and happen to be a fan of OrangePixel games, you’ll soon be able to play them all on your future OUYA console. For those of you getting a GameStick as well, OrangePixel does plan to bring their games over to that platform as well.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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