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A lone marble lost in a sordid underworld of retro game references, that’s Marbelous!

An interesting and rather cool new puzzle platformer has arrived on Google Play called Marbelous!. Developed by a single person in their free time over the past two months, this neat little game has you playing as a lone marble who happened to fall down the drain in a sink and ended up in some whacked out underworld.

With your ultimate goal of getting back to the top and out of the underworld you now find yourself in, you’ll need to navigate through 30 different levels across five episodes in order to regain your freedom. Each level is themed after retro games from the past which is why this little underworld you’ve rolled into is rather weird. Not something you’d find at the bottom of a drain.

Along the way you’ll also have to deal with various inhabitants of this weird underworld of retro games, some friendly and some not so friendly, as well as hazards you’ll need to overcome to get back home. Visually, Marbelous! sports some rather nice 3D visuals that keep a bit of a retro flare to them.

If you’re interested in checking this game out you can do so by downloading the demo to try out for free off of Google Play. The full version is also available for a mere $0.99 should you want to enjoy the full journey.

Google Play Link: Marbelous!

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