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OUYA to be sold by retailers this Summer, new controller design appears

A couple of interesting tidbits of news regarding the upcoming Android-powered game console OUYA have come out this morning. It seems like things just keep getting better and better for this little console, first with plenty of content from developers both big and small being made for it, and now some major retail power has been signed on to sell units both online and at physical storefronts.

So who has signed on to sell OUYA units? For starters Best Buy and Target have signed on to sell OUYA consoles through their brick and mortar stores and probably through their online stores as well. It also appears that GameStop will be stocking some of these consoles for sale as well. However that isn’t all though. Amazon has inked a deal to sell OUYA consoles through Amazon.com as well.

That is some pretty strong retail backing for OUYA which has see nothing but growth in all departments consistently since its successful Kickstarter campaign. Retails are said to begin selling the OUYA console in June 2013.

Aside from this rather good news for anyone who prefers to buy their goods through actual stores and not online, the new design for the OUYA controller has made an appearance as well. We originally reported recently on OUYA changing the design on their controller based off of feedback from backers and the general pubic which also resulted in improvements in other areas for the controller outside of its general design.

While all the improvements announced for the OUYA controller were received by almost everyone as the right direction to go in, we can’t help but look at this new controller design and think that it could be slightly uncomfortable to hold on to for any long period of time. Of course this is just based off of looking at a picture and it reality it could be very comfortable for all we know. We will have to wait till ours arrive before we can make a final judgement.

What do you, our readers, think of this controller design? Does it look uncomfortable or are we just being picky? Let us know in the comments below!

Website Referenced: The Wall Street Journal

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