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The Wild Kingdoms is a cross-platform multiplayer strategy game with tournaments

The Wild Kingdoms is a new unique and intriguing board / card game where you can battle people globally through the online multiplayer feature or skirmish against each other using one device. Set in the Yoruba Kingdoms, your job is to build armies of creatures, control the forces of nature, and use magical charms against your opponents.

Your first job is to build your deck of creatures and elements. Each creature card has its own stats that determine Range, Power, and Health  which can then later be combined with another element to make them more powerful. You then set up your pieces on a chess-type board and take turns trying to capture a “King” or “Son” using your creature cards. Unique power-up cards appear at random and you must use an element of strategy when moving your pieces in order to win.

The Wild Kingdoms Features:

– Enjoyable, original and intuitive gameplay blending traditional card and board game rules.
– Easy to learn: open the app, read the tutorial and/or watch the YouTube video: , and start your battles.
– Stunning design and card artwork.
– Starter deck of creatures and elements.
– Lavishly rendered Deck Manager to help you collect creatures, elements and other types of card.
– Multi-platform app: two players can play on the same IOS or Android device; two players can play between any IOS or Android devices.
– Soundtrack designed by the IGF 2011 excellence in audio award-winner Tapio Luikkonen.
– Organized play and tournaments. (Visit for news, update information and more regarding tournaments)

The Wild Kingdoms also features a sound track by Tapio Luikkonen, who won the IGF excellence in audio award in 2011. The game just got released but the developers want to try and have organized  tournaments as well as new cards to add to the mix pretty much right away. One other nice feature with the game is that it supports cross-platform gaming between Android and iOS, so if you have a friend that is using one of those silly iOS devices you can still play against each other.

The game is available for $3.95 on the Play Store if you want to give it a try. We will keep an eye out for when the first tournament happens and give everyone a heads up in case you want to test your luck and skill for prizes.

Google Play Link: The Wild Kingdoms

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