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Cut The Rope Lantern Box update now out to celebrate Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is upon us and for those of you who celebrate this particular it is always a time to celebrate. The folks over at Zeptolabs also think it is a time to celebrate and have released a new update today for Cut The Rope called Lantern Box and along with this update comes a new gameplay element.

This update will stuff another 25 levels into Cut The Rope but these 25 new levels will be themed around Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival that happens during it. This also bring a new gameplay element into Cut The Rope and that is floating paper lanterns in each level. These lanterns actually have a use aside from just looking nice. They act as little teleporters that can warp the candy Om Nom wants over to him. You can see this in action in the video below.

If you haven’t updated Cut The Rope yet you can do so at any time now that the update is live on Google Play. For those of you curious as to when Chinese New Years is, it will be landing on February 10th this year.

Google Play Link: Cut The Rope

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