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Qualcomm dismisses nVidia’s Project Shield, says they won’t build a competitor

Interesting news coming from Qualcomm today where Qualcomm’s Snapdragon boss Raj Talluri came out to basically say there is no real point to nVidia’s Project Shield and that it is basically useless. Following that statement Raj Talluri went on to say that Qualcomm won’t be building anything to compete with Project Shield either and that there is no real need for a dedicated Android device for games.

Ironically, the Xperia Play which was, for the most part, a dedicated Android gaming device came with a Snapdragon chipset. While Raj does believe the future lies with mobile gaming, the concept to need a dedicated device for it is a silly one. We are sure most gamers would disagree with this line of thinking, Raj goes on to say that using a controller like the MOGA provide the same experience for the most part.

I don’t need to make a box,” he tells us, holding up a large smartphone. “I just need Moga to make a controller. I can’t see too much difference between that and the Project Shield. It seems to do everything the Tegra 4 one does – Raj Tulluri, Qualcomm

While the MOGA does provide some of the functionality that Project Shield does in terms of controls, it seems that Raj forgot that Project Shield isn’t simply about playing Android games on a dedicated device. Project Shield is more of a dedicated gaming device in general with the ability to play Steam and PC games streamed to the device. While this is currently limited to your house, with the use of GRID when it is fully launched gamers will be able to play any Steam game or PC game available on GRID on Project Shield.

Also having a dedicated gaming device, mobile or otherwise, means that resources won’t be taken up by other applications and functions. Instead everything is dedicated to the running of games.

Of course this should be the stance of a company that is directly competing with nVidia in the Android world but it seems almost a bit blind to go as far to say that there is no need for a dedicated Android gaming device and it is even more of a shame that Qualcomm won’t be building a competitor.

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Website Referenced: TheVerge

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