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SilverTree Media unleashes their loveable little robot again in Cordy 2

SilverTree Media has unleashed a new game onto Google Play featuring their loveable little robot with a TV for a head called Cordy 2. As you may be guessing from the name, this is a sequel to their hit platformer they released awhile ago simply called Cordy. Our little robot is once again out to stop the forces of evil on a new world.

As the story goes, Cordy and Volt have traveled for quite some time, finally arriving on World 2. Unfortunately for them, things are not all peaceful and happy on World 2 as the entire planet is under siege from the evil Boogaloo. It is time once again to stop the evil Boogaloo Bots and save the Zap Drops.

Cordy 2 Features:

• Play the first 4 levels for free! Enjoy 48 levels packed with gameplay in the full version!
• CUSTOMIZE CORDY. Dozens of custom hats and colors are available to choose from!
• COOL ACHIEVEMENTS. Earn badges for style. Do you have what it takes?

Cordy 2 features improved visuals that follow in the same style as the original game and a whole slew of new levels (48 to be exact) to work your way through. You can also customize our TV headed robot with a variety of hats and different color combinations as well.

If you’re a fan of the Cordy series of games then you’ll definitely want to nab yourself a copy of Cordy 2. You can now download this game off of Google Play for free and try out the first four levels. To purchase the full version will cost you $4.99 through an in-game purchase.

Thanks to Niki C. for the tip!

Google Play Link: Cordy 2

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