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Swampy and Perry get love struck in Disney’s new Where’s My Valentine? game

Currently from Disney we have Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? physics-based puzzle games to enjoy. We also have other indie developers making there own spin-off of the Where’s My franchise including one game called Wimp: Where’s My Pants? Now we can add another game to the list, once again from Disney, called Where’s My Valentine?

Featuring both Swampy and Perry, this new game in the Where’s My franchise comes with a total of 12 love-themed levels to figure your way through. It isn’t the biggest game on the planet in terms of content, with each character getting six levels each.

The format for the stages for each character follows the same style as their full games. So with the Swampy levels, you’ll be helping him try to shower through his six levels while watching out for algae. On Perry’s stages, you’ll be using water in various forms in order to help Perry get to his headquarters.

It is interesting that Disney went with the idea of releasing a mini-game instead of just pushing this Valentine’s Day themed levels as an update to each game. For those of you wanting to get all pink and cuddly, you can download Where’s My Valentine? off of Google Play for free. It is ad supported and at times the ads are somewhat inconveniently placed.

Google Play Link: Where’s My Valentine?

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