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Square Enix releases Crystal Defenders Lite, a pay-per-stage version of the full game

It seems like Square Enix wants to dip their toes in the freemium waters and have launched a new version of their tower defense game Crystal Defenders. This new version, officially called Crystal Defenders Lite, is exactly like the original game except that it uses a pay-per-stage business model for those of you who don’t want to spend the $6.99 upfront for the full game.

Downloading this new Lite version will reveal the ability to play through theĀ  first 20 waves of the game’s training stage, Bisga Greenlands. Should you enjoy the game enough to where you want to play more of it, you can open up that wallet of yours and buy individual stages (W1, W2, and W3) for $1.99 a piece or buy all three for $4.99. These are the current sale prices for said levels which is for a limited time only. Once the sale ends, stages will cost $2.99 each or all three for $7.99. Buying all the levels turns your Lite into a Plus.

You may be wondering as to what the point of this version is if the full version currently up there is only $6.99. Well apparently Square Enix plans to release more level packs in the future for Crystal Defenders Plus which, when they arrive, will also be available for purchase through IAPs. While this business model may work for this game, let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend with Square Enix now.

Google Play Link: Crystal Defenders Lite

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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