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Crescent Moon Games will be bringing a QiX inspired game Dig to Android

Crescent Moon Games seem to be on a roll lately when it comes to releasing games onto Android, whether they be in-house made or developed by 3rd party developers. Another title is looming over the horizon and is a QiX inspired game called Dig, developed by Tasty Poison Games, which will be arriving for iOS and Android soon. However, there is one catch to the Android release.

That catch is that, at least for the game’s initial release, the Android version will be released only in certain locations. As to what locations these are, we really don’t know yet so we will have to wait and see. Taking the idea behind QiX from back in the arcade days, Dig has players basically doing the same thing as they did in QiX but instead of slicing off sections to fill in a picture, you will be digging off sections of your yard.

The goal of Dig is to eliminate as much grass as you can each stage. However, you will have mummy looking creatures wandering around your yard and if they happen to meet up with a line that you are digging, they will come after you at a rather fast pace. Finishing the section you were digging out quickly will send the mummy back to wandering aimless around your yard.

While we don’t know where exactly this game will show up for Android users, or when, there will be plenty of cool hats for your little guy to wear which is always a good thing. You can check out the game in action in the video above.

Developer Website: Tasty Poison Games

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