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Homeworld Touch to bring the Homeworld RTS universe to mobile gamers

Homeworld was an Sci-fi RTS game released back around 10 years ago and since the game’s release, there really hasn’t been much of a follow-up to it aside from a quick sequel. So instead of continuing to wait, TeamPixel LLC has taken up the task to bring a new Homeworld game not only to PC/Mac but also to Android and iOS devices.

The PC/Mac version of the game will simply be called Homeworld 3 while the Android and iOS version will be called Homeworld Touch. However, each version will be different to a degree. Homeworld 3 will be a new game for the most part while Homeworld Touch will be a remake of the original game from back in the day.


When all is said and done, Homeworld Touch will be the classic game with a new face and mobile optimized controls for both tablets and phones. To accomplish all of this, TeamPixel has taken to Kickstarter in order to get funds to help with deployment of the game and product licensing fees. Regardless if this Kickstarter gets funded or not, Homeland Touch and Homeland 3 are both coming when they are finished.

However, if you want to toss a couple of bucks at them to help out with getting this game faster into our hands when its done, just hit up the link below to head over to the Homeworld Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks to Trevor H. for the tip!

Website Referenced: Homeworld Kickstarter

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