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Shadowrun Returns gets a 19 minute alpha gameplay video

There are two Shadowrun games heading our way from previous Kickstarter campaigns that were successful not too long ago, Shadowrun Online (coming to Android tablets and OUYA) and Shadowrun Returns. Both games are slated for release on multiple platforms including Android and both games have a little integration with each other actually.

However we aren’t going to talk about any of the integration going on because we’ve already covered that. Harebrained Schemes has released a big, 19 minute video showing off Shadowrun Returns alpha gameplay footage, giving us a good look as to how some of the game will play out and some of the actual visuals that will come with the game.

As you can see in the video above, most of the movement is done in a point-and-click style, sort of like an adventure game. Also covered in the video are things like stats, how disguises and behavior can affect conversations, hidden alternate approaches to missions, casting spells, summoning dangerous spirits, and shooting. It also looks pretty slick visually as well.

Shadowrun Returns is slated for release onto PC/Mac early this Summer with the Linux version to follow shortly afterwards. As for the mobile versions of Shadowrun Returns, those will be arriving after the Linux version so we still have a bit of a wait.

Website Referenced: Shacknews

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