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Did you back OUYA on Kickstarter? There’s a party for you March 28th

For those of you who backed the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Android-powered gaming console OUYA, the company is planning to host a party in San Francisco this upcoming March 28th, 2013 in order to say thank you as well as to celebrate the launch of the units for those of you who backed their Kickstarter.

The party will start at 8pm and run until 12am on March 28th over at the Bay Area offices of fuseproject. Of course if you are not in the area or don’t feel like flying all the way there for a four hour party, you’re units will be heading your way at around the same time, you just won’t get any free beverages in the meantime. However, if you are nearby, feel free to drop by with your invitation and enjoy the festivities.

If you didn’t pre-order a unit through Kickstarter, or through the OUYA main website, you’ll have to wait until June 2013 to pick one up off of store shelves.

Developer Website: OUYA

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