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Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave gets a ninja update, coming back from the dead?

Not too long ago Trendy Entertainment took down Dungeon Defenders off of the Google Play store. This included both first and second wave versions of the game. Over on the forums, Trendy Entertainment said it didn’t look like the games would ever be coming back to Android which made a lot of people have sad faces. However, new evidence could be pointing to Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave coming back from the dead soon.

Currently the Humble Bundle for Android 5 features Dungeon Defenders, including all of the available DLC, which was a bit surprising to say the least. Now DD: Second Waves seem to have gotten an update on top of it. This update isn’t in regards to bringing new content to the game but instead fixing crashes that were happening on a lot of devices, part of the reason the game was taken down off of Google Play in the first place.

Even though people can’t download the game off of Google Play since it has been taken down, if you had previously downloaded the game, then uninstalled it, you were about to download it again by going into your My Apps history, regardless of it not being available publicly on Google Play. These users are the ones seeing the update which brings the version to 7.6.

For anyone else wanting Dungeon Defenders, you would have to get it through the current Humble Bundle for Android #5 which is going on right now. Between the availability of Dungeon Defenders through Humble Bundle and now this ninja update, could it be that Trendy Entertainment has changed their minds and are planning to bring Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave back to Android? We will have to wait and see but the evidence is slowly mounting.

Website Referenced: SuperGameDroid

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