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Alpha build of the VICE Commodore VIC-20 Emulator now available for real retro gaming

There are plenty of emulators already available for Android gamers to use when looking to play some of your more old school favorites. Pretty much a majority of the consoles and computer systems already have at least one emulator available for people to use. Well you can add another one to the list and that is the VICE Commodore VIC-20 emulator which has just been launched as an Alpha stage build.

Because this is an Alpha build you must be made aware that there will be bugs with the emulator. Development is pretty steady with this so most bugs should be squished in the near future. However, if you don’t like bugs in the apps you use, you might want to wait a bit before grabbing this emulator. If you don’t mind bugs or enjoy checking out early builds of things like this, by all means jump right in.

The VICE Commodore VIC-20 emulator is based off of the work by the android sdl team and Sergii Pylypenko who made the android port for the c64 version and was compiled by XDA recognized developer by the name of elban, for those of you who are curious. In terms of ROM types that this emulator will run, you can use .prg and .d64 + variations. You will also be able to use cart roms with some hacks if you are technically inclined.

If you want to grab a copy of this emulator, you can do so off of Google Play for free and begin to enjoy some real retro gaming.

Google Play Link: VICE Commador VIC-20 emulator

Website Referenced: XDA Developers (Support Thread)

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