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OrangePixel’s upcoming Gauntlet style game officially called Heroes of Loot

Not too long ago we talked about OrangePixel who happen to be working on their new title that was a throwback to one of the more popular arcade games from back in the day called Gauntlet. This arcade game featured up to four players who would basically dungeon crawl through as many levels as they could before dieing enough times and ending the game.

ORangePixel started making a game similar to it as more of a test project but as you may be guessing, anyone who played in the arcades back in the day that caught wind of OrangePixel’s little side project demanded it be made into a full game, and so it has been. Officially titled Heroes of Loot, this Gauntlet inspired game features the typical OrangePixel flare that we’ve all come to love when it comes to its visuals.

The game will feature some roguelike elements in order to keep it different each time you play the game, randomizing the levels and loot you can get. Since we last reported on this game’s development, a few new features have been added such as stores where you can buy useful items with some of the treasure you find in-game.

So when can you get your hands on Heroes of Loot? Well the Android and OUYA versions are still in the final stages of development. There is some good news though should you want to play the game right this second. OrangePixel has completed the PC version of Heroes of Loot which you can buy and download in a style similar to what Humble Bundle does. Donate/pay as much as you would like for the game and then download it. Be sure to give something because it is worth the awsomeness Heroes of Loot contains.

Official Website: Heroes of Loot

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