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Square Enix looks to be bringing the Circle of Mana to Android

It looks like Square Enix has more than just a few Final Fantasy titles heading to Android in the near future. A new teaser site has been put up for another one of Square Enix’s franchises and this time it is for the Circle of Mana. However, it may not be in the form that you might be hoping it would be in.

While the teaser site doesn’t say a whole lot about the upcoming Circle of Mana game, it does reveal a couple of details. First there is the fact that it looks like GREE will somehow be integrating their social gaming platform into this game. If this turns out to be true, that means Circle of Mana will most likely be a free-to-play game. This is supported with additional evidence that you can see in the teaser image.

The teaser image shows some nice art but in the bottom corners are cards that are in the style of your typical TCG/CCG title which means instead of Circle of Mana being a normal RPG, this version will most likely be a combat card game featuring characters from the Mana franchise, further supporting the idea that this will be a free-to-play title. There will most likely be multiplayer gameplay involved in this title as well.

Right now there is no set release date as for when Circle of Mana will land on Android, although we can assume it will be most likely after at least Final Fantasy IV finally arrives. Also you can safely guess that this game will arrive in Japan first (if it isn’t already) before heading out for a worldwide release. As more information becomes available, we will be sure to update everyone. Until then we have a thread up on our forums regarding this new game from Square Enix.

Official Website: Circle of Mana micro-site

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