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Hitman: Absolution companion app now available – Set up hits while you’re out

Hitman: Absolution didn’t do as good as it was thought it would when it arrived on store shelves. That’s not to say sales weren’t good, they just were not as good as originally planned. Well in order to keep interest in the game flowing Square Eniz has released a companion application for Android and iOS so you can plan some contract killing while you’re out and about in the real world.

Officially called Hitman: ICA, this companion application will allow players to directly access the International Contract Agency’s (hence the ICA in the app’s name) database. This will allow you to track your progress from within the network. This means you will be able to play around with your game’s state and view your stats while not sitting in front of your console while playing the game itself.

Hitman: ICA is a two-fold application. On one side of the coin the application acts like an information portal for players so they can keep up with news within the game, view your achievements and search for any tips within the ICA database. On the other side of the coin, you can interact with the game itself allowing you to buy and upgrade weapons as well as send custom contracts to your console that can be executed at a later date.

Like all companion applications, aside from Blizzards Remote Auction House, Hitman: ICA is available to download for free off of Google Play. On one final interesting note, this is the first companion application that Square Enix has put out for any of their games.

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Google Play Link: Hitman: ICA

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