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Steampunk-esque free runner Grudger gets updated with new game mode

You may remember about a game we talked about not too long ago called Grudger, a Steampunk themed free runner where you aren’t necessarily the good guy in the game. Hell you’re not even really the bad guy either. You’re just a courier who doesn’t care what’s in the box you have to deliver as long as you get paid for your services. It could be flowers or it could be a head, it really doesn’t matter to you.

We this interesting free running game has received an update that, for the most part, is your standard type of update with bug fixes and the controls have been improved upon. However the game has received one new game mode which may be of interest to those of you who happen to play Grudger and that is a new survival mode for Shaffield. Now you can see how long you can run your ass off in Shaffield as a bad ass courier.

If you haven’t downloaded the update just yet you can do so at any time now that the update is live on Google Play. If you haven’t tried this game out and enjoy games that are slightly different than the norm, you might want to try out Grudger. It’ll cost you $2.00 to pick up a copy.

Google Play Link: Grudger

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