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Hell has frozen over, Epic Pirate Story now available on Google Play

All sarcasm aside, Epic Devs have finally finished their rather highly anticipated action sim game Epic Pirate Story and the game has now finally arrived onto the Google Play store. The has seemed to take forever to get finished but now that it has, Kairosoft fans can go nuts with the fact that there are no two companies making these type of retro sim games for Android.

As you may be guessing, Epic Pirate Story is about pirates. Actually it is about one particular evil pirate who has been terrorizing the seas and who goes by the name of Duke A.Blizzardo. You want revenge on this evil pirate king and so your journey begins in order to accomplish this goal. You’ll be gathering a crew of the best pirates out there, and then proceed to battle with barracudas, mermaids, strange undead, monkeys, Indians and fearsome pirates.

Players start on their own island which they will also have to build up, research technology for more powerful weapons, construct buildings that have a variety of benefits and pretty much everything you would expect to find in a game like this.

If you’ve been waiting for Epic Pirate Story all this time, you can now pick it up off of Google Play in two flavors, a free version that is the full version of the game and a full paid version for $1.27 if you want to support the devs.

Thanks to Red Dragon for the tip!

Google Play Link: Epic Pirate Story

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