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Sony could be adding native support for Dualshock 3 controllers to their phones

Interesting news coming from Sony today and while it is interesting it also isn’t a huge surprise either as this is kind of how the mobile gaming evolution has been going for the past little while now. It appears that Sony, aside from adding mobile integration with certain features to their upcoming Playstation 4 and some of their games as well, may very well be adding native support for their DualShock 3 controller for their Xperia phones.

We would also like to assume this would include their tablets as well, although there isn’t a whole lot of them. Xperia branded Android phones on the other hand, there are plenty of those and it looks like Sony wants to push mobile gaming on them a bit more with not only Playstation Mobile but now native DualShock 3 controller support.

Interestingly enough, the first time you connect the controller to your Xperia device it will have to be a wired connection since the controller doesn’t use the standard Bluetooth method. So you’ll need a USB OTG cable, hook your controller up and use it the first time. After that first use though the controller will work just like any other Bluetooth controller but for Xperia phones.

Is this sort of native support really needed? Perhaps but there is a plethora of controllers out there already that not only don’t need a wired first-use connection to set everything up, but plenty that do the job well as is. So what do you think about this? Just a cool idea? You can see the whole set up over at the Xperia Blog linked below as well as a video showing it all in action.

Website Referenced: Xperiablog

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