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For your morning coffee, a video of the first 20 minutes of Star Command gameplay

While some of you on the east coast of North America are beginning to wake up, and while people elsewhere in the world are getting off work or maybe getting ready to go to sleep, Warballoon Games has release a nice lengthy video of the first 20 minutes of gameplay for Star Command for everyone to enjoy with their morning coffee or after work beer.

While Warballoon released a 13 minute video last year of some early gameplay footage, this new video which IGN was given shows the first 20 minutes of the finished product. Also for those of you who were hoping that Star Command would be a sandbox style game, as of right now it isn’t. Instead all the current content/questing is scripted but the sandbox game mechanics are on the table and will be introduced down the road in a future update.

So sit back and release this morning, afternoon or evening with your appropriate beverage for whatever time it is where you live and enjoy the next 20 minutes drinking and watching the video above. In case you missed our earlier post this morning, it looks like Star Command could be arriving next month for Android.

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