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[Updated] First images released of Zynga’s upcoming Action-RPG called Battlestone

Zynga has an interesting and rather good looking game on the way that is a bit out of the box for them. This is due to Zynga buying out a game studio going by the name of November Software not too long ago which was basically a four-man studio. The game they were working on was probably what caught Zynga’s interest, mainly because Zynga deals mostly with social and casual games, not Action-RPG titles.

So what is this game that caught Zynga’s eye and resulted in them purchasing November Software? It is a game called Battlestone which is a 3D Action-RPG title that is already been released in certain territories for a very limited beta testing phase. It appears that a global launch of Battlestone is on the way and the first screenshot of this game have finally been released.

The game plays out like an RPG title but combat falls more in line with gesture-based games where using finger swipes across your device’s screen is what controls your character’s combat movements. So it is a bit of a different take on the typical Action-RPG format. The game actually takes this sort of combat a step further, letting players daisy chain targets with their attacks. This means you’ll be able to pull off some pretty crazy battle moves.

There is also a tactical element to Battlestone through the use of a character collecting game mechanic. You’ll be able to collect characters that are different classes and have different skills and use those to your advantage. This will especially be true because the game will also be coming with a multiplayer PvP mode which will also feature weekly tournaments.

Unfortunately there is no set release date for when Battlestone will arrive, only that the global launch will be ‘soon’.

Google Play Link: Battlestone

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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