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10Tons Ltd wants you to have strung out Clowns In Your Face all the time

10Tons Ltd has released a rather interesting game, at least in terms of its theme anyways. The game is called Clowns in your Face and has players following a certain fellow by the name of Peter Pagassi who is on a mission to eliminate every clown that crosses his path since they all happen to be high on Explodz energy drink.

10Tons outright calls this a ‘stupid fun arcade game’ and that is pretty much what it is, especially if you consider the theme of the game. You’ll be eliminating these strung out clowns using tennis balls that you will hit at them. Since this is a tennis ball after all, it will bounce off walls and platforms and should they hit a crate of the energy drinks, they will do as their name says and explode.

Clowns in your Face Features:

– Easy to pick-up bouncer gameplay
– Hilarious ragdoll characters
– Slow motion level finales
– More than 50 brand new levels

There are a few neat features to this game but mostly the slow motion animation that happens when you finish each level is pretty entertaining. If you’re looking for something to just kill some time with and that happens to be simple mindless fun, you might want to check out this game. It’ll cost you nothing to download it.

Google Play Link: Clowns in your Face

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