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Herocraft brings the classic reboot Boulder Dash-XL to Google Play

Herocraft, along with First Star Software, have released a reboot to the classic Boulder Dash game called Boulder Dash-XL. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Boulder Dash in general, this series has been around for some time already on early console systems and even Android has a few remakes and reboots already.

This particular reboot brings with it completely redone graphics but maintains the core theme of the game which is to collect as many shiny gems as you can while taking down enemies and avoiding hazards. It gets a little more hectic than that since you are racing against the clock as well.

Boulder Dash-XL Features:

• Cutting edge graphics
• Puzzling enemies
• 100 caves to explore
• 5 game modes, including retro!
• Left-handed controls also supported
• Highscore tables and achievements

Players will be able to play as either Rockford or Crystal and there happens to be five game modes to play through including a retro mode should you want to switch the graphics out for something a little more classic looking. If you’re looking to get some more retro gaming action in, you might want to check out Boulder Dash-XL which can be download for $2.99 off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Boulder Dash-XL

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