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Dragonplay Casual has arrived and their first western game release will be Gun N’ Blade

Dragonplay already has a few games released worldwide for Android games but for the most part they are casino games like Live Texas Hold ‘Em Pro and Farm Casino. Well the company has announced that a new division within the company has been created called Dragonplay Casual which will deal with bringing their other games over to the rest of the world.

Dragonplay, along with the newly minted Dragonplay Casual, actually have a few other games not focused around casino games. Instead of releasing the games worldwide under the Dragonplay brand, they will be released under Dragonplay Casual and their first title that will be heading our way is their rather popular Puzzle-RPG called Gun N’ Blade which is already available in Korea on Android and iOS and has already nabbed a top 10 spot on both app stores in Korea.

Gun N’ Blade is a social Puzzle-RPG whch combines RPG gameplay with Match-3 puzzle gaming elements, something we’ve seen in a few other rather popular games on Android already. This game also includes over 400 different characters to collect which has their own unique special powers, invite your friends to join your team to fight bigger and stronger opponents, and multiple battle zones to unlock and fight through.

While there is now actual release date slated for Gun N’ Blade for its upcoming worldwide release, there is a beta sign-up available over on Dragonplay’s website if you want to try and get in ahead of everyone else. When it does launch, it will be free to download and will come with optional in-game purchases.

Developer Website: Dragonplay (Gun N’ Blade beta sign-up)

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