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[Updated] Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade will be arriving tomorrow onto Google Play

The Team Fortress style FPS game that Gameloft has been teasing for a little while now will be finally getting released both iOS and Android tomorrow. Blitz Brigade will feature plenty of multiplayer content for those of you more apt to playing these types of games when you can shoot other players.

Blitz Brigade will also feature vehicles that players can use to take down their opponents in multiplayer. The game itself is themed after World War II but features more cartoon style graphics that are similar to what you would find in Team Fortress 2. There is single player gameplay available as well but the meat of this game will be in them multiplayer game modes.

Blitz Brigade Features:

– 12 player online multiplayer matches
– 4 maps
– 2 modes – Deathmatch and Domination
– 5 classes – Soldier. Gunner, Sniper, Medic, Stealth – each with their own unique weapons and skills
– 100+ upgradeable weapons
– 3 vehicles (including helicopters)
– 120 single player “training” challenges

Blitz Brigade has already been out in France during Gameloft’s soft launch and the company has apparently made plenty of adjustments to the game based on the feedback from players who were able to download this game during the soft launch. If you’ve interested in checking this game out, it’ll be available at some point tomorrow on Google Play. We will update everyone when that happens.

Update 7:26am May 9th, 2013: And true to Gameloft’s information, Blitz Brigade is now available on Google Play for free. We’ve added a link to Google Play below.

Google Play Link: Blitz Brigade

Developer Website: Gameloft


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