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Ouya get torn down and its gooey insides revealed

Alright maybe the insides aren’t so gooey after all but the folks over at iFixIt have gotten a hold of an Ouya unit, fondling it lovingly, before tearing all of its guts out for everyone to view. The result is that the Ouya is actually quite repairable, at least according to the iFixIt guys.

Taking a peek at he guts of the disassembled Ouya unit shows us the Tegra 3 chipset, its 1GB of RAM, the 8GB of storage, HDMI/Ethernet/USB ports and so on. Even the controller was not spared, being torn about with eager hands and revealing all the hardware goodies inside of it.

It seems Ouya has done quite a good job with how they deigned the Ouya Android-powered console. Piece by piece the console was taken apart rather easily, adding that anyone with even a little bit of technical know-how can have fun taking their Ouya apart. If you want all the dirty details about the tear down, just hit up the iFixIt website and have fun.

Website Referenced: iFixIt

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