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An Alien With A Magnet arcade game coming to Android soon

An interesting new arcade game will be heading our way soon called An Alien With A Magnet. Developed by Ricardo de Zoete of RZDESIGN and Lukas Hoenderdos of Rejected Games, An Alien With A Magnet will feature magnetized arcade gameplay featuring an alien who is in his ship trying to get home.

In order to get home, he has attached a magnet to his ship which will help him orbit different planets in an attempt to use the gravity of each planet to propel him further along and closer to home. Of course this is easier said than done as you’ll have to keep an eye out for multiple types of hazards such as asteroids and black holes.

An Alien With A Magnet Features:

– An unique game including action-packed, magnetized & arcade-style gameplay that’s only possible in outer space!
– Help our alien to get back to his home planet using the only tool he got working on his spaceship: a magnet.
– Its easy, the single touch gameplay that will get you started instantly!
– Including three unique and action-packed game modes
– Adventure mode: 30+ amazing levels filled with an adventure you won’t forget.
– Star Rush: An unique galaxy, filled with hundreds of stars which you must collect within the time you get. Try to be the best on the leaderboards and beat your friends.
– Do you love colors? Aliens do! That is why he will start coloring multiple random generated black & white galaxies in different colorful colors in the special color mode!
– Beautiful high resolution visuals and professional looking artwork throughout the game.
– Fully packed with leaderboard rankings and over 30+ achievements.

While there is the Adventure Mode which follows along with a storyline, there are two additional game modes for more of a replayable arcade style of gaming. As of right now there is no exact release date as to when An Alien With A Magnet will arrive onto Android, only that it is coming soon.

Developer Website:Rejected Games

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