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PSA: Our app has been updated with new features and fixes

Just a quick PSA for all of our readers out there in Android gaming land who happen to use our application, we’ve just pushed out an update that is now available on Google Play. This update brings a few new features to our app as well as fixes a couple of bugs that have crept up over the past couple of days.

First the bugs. We’ve fixed the issue regarding full articles not showing up within the application. This was never intended to be removed and the full articles are once again available for reading. There have been a few other minor bug fixes and optimizations done to the application as well.

As for new features, we’ve added full integration with Disqus into the app. Now you can leave a comment for any particular article you want right inside the app itself. We’ve also added our YouTube feed as well so you can view trailers and any other videos we post.

If you use our app please be sure to download the update. If you don’t see it right away, just give it a couple of minutes as it could still be propagating through the Google Play store. On a final note, the feed for our Google Currents publication has also been fixed and full articles should be available in there as well.

Google Play Link: DroidGamers News App

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