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Sony drops fee for developers wanting to publish on Playstation Mobile

Sony is looking to court even more developers to release their games onto Playstation Mobile for Playstation Certified devices, be that the PS Vita or Android devices. The company is trying to accomplish this by waving the fee publishers were needing to pay in order to publish onto the Playstation Mobile store.

Yup until now, developers who wanted to publish onto Playstaion Mobile needed to pay a $99 publisher license fee. However, by the sounds of things, it looks like this isn’t a permanent deal as the Playstation Blog mentions that it is for this Summer. Of course if things go extremely well and Sony sudden has a massive influx of developers submitting their games onto Playstation Mobile for free, they might decide to make this a permanent fixture.

So, if you’re working on a game and want to throw it onto the Playstation Mobile store, now is a good time to do so.

Website Referenced: Playstation Blog

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