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Elevator Hero by Supertapp Interactive now ready for beta testers

Elevator Hero by Supertapp Interactive is an arcade game that looks like it takes influence from Taito’s old school arcade game called Elevator Action. Currently being developed by a one-man team, Evelvator Hero plays a lot like the old Elevator Action game as you play as a criminal type of character who is has to use elevators to avoid the police who are doing their rounds in each building.

The police wander around on various floors and you’ll be needing to avoid them in order to successfully escape the current building you’re in. While you can’t enter doorways in this game like you could in Elevator Action, there are some unique mechanics to this game that you’ll need to use such as some elevators having keypads and you’ll need to input the right code into the keypad in order to use the elevator.

The developer is opening up a beta test of Elevator Hero right now so if you want a chance to test out this game ahead of its release, and give the developer feedback of course, you can leave a message over on the official forum thread regarding the beta testing. You’ll probably also want to sign up for TestFlight.

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