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Mojang’s Scrolls open beta begins June 3rd, be prepared with this Scrolls guide app

The next game to come out of the Mojang camp is a hybrid deck building strategy game called Scrolls. While Scrolls is a TCG style of game it also mixes other mechanics into it such as tower defense gameplay, board game mechanics and, of course, all the features that come along with a collectible card combat game.

While there really hasn’t been any indication that Scrolls will arrive onto Android or iOS, there are some utilities that can help you out when playing Scrolls. Currently the game is in closed beta but Mojang has announced that the open beta will begin June 3rd, 2013 so if you haven’t had a chance to be in the closed beta, you might want to do a little reading up ahead of the open beta.

A Guide to Scrolls Features:

– Know everything! Look up categorized info about *every* scroll.
– Stay up to date! Read official news directly from Mojang.
– Find specific scrolls! Sift out scrolls by resource or type.
– Learn from others! Read up on the latest strategy & techniques with community-written guides.
– Rank yourself! See the top Scrolls players, realtime. Search functionality and ranking graphs to see stats for every player.
– Listen in! Read up on the in-game chat of the game.
– Know when to play! See the number of players currently in-game.

Probably one of the best resources to reference aside from the game’s actual website and official fan forums is a companion application that is already available called A Guide to Scrolls. Not only does this app have a lot of information to absorb regarding Scroll, but it also has community written tutorials to help you get started for when the open beta launches.

Even if you have been testing the game out already a know a lot about it, A Guide to Scroll makes for good reference material. As for whether an mobile version of the actual game will ever arrive, there is no official word on that. Right now it is only for PC and Mac but considering the popularity of these type of games on mobile devices, don’t be surprised if we are soon reporting on a version coming to Android in the future.

As for this app, you can download it free (No ads or anything) off of Google Play and begin getting ready for the open beta. You can check out the game’s official launch trailer above. This is not an official Mojang application.

Google Play Link: A Guide to Scrolls

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