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Spicy Horse Games will make a new Alice game or OZombie, but not both

American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games studio will be hitting up Kickstarter for funding their next game, they just don’t know what game that will actually be just yet. The company will be going onto Kickstarter in July to either fund the recently announced OZombie game, the Oz themed zombie game we reported on recently, or a new Alice game called Alice: Otherlands. However they will not make both.

The whole deal as to what game they will be making revolves around whether the company can come to an agreement over the licensing of the Alice franchise with EA, something that has been ongoing for the past month or so. If an agreement is made between the two companies, the Kickstarter Spicy Horse will run in July will be for the Alice: Otherlands game. If an agreement doesn’t happen, then the Kickstarter will be for the OZombie game we’ve talked about already.

Regardless of what game ends up getting made, Spicy Horse looks to be bringing it to Android and iOS either way. The company’s Shanghai office is hiring “in preparation for either OZombie or Alice: Otherlands development”, looking for experienced gameplay programmers familiar with Unity 3D, iOS and Android.

Either game sounds good and twisted in theme as well. For those of you who missed our recent news on OZombie, this game will have players trying to stop the Scarecrow who’s not happy with the brains he received and is therefor taking his anger out on everyone by trying to turn everyone into zombies, stealing their brains and consuming all the magic and creativity in the world.

Alice: Otherlands, on the other hand, will have players saving children in London by basically invading their dreams and helping them out when it is needed. We can only imagine how twisted this can get. When Spicy Horse makes their decision on what game to make, we will be sure to update everyone.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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