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DroidGamers Update: Where we have been the last few days and extended E3 coverage begins

So as many of you may have noticed over the last five or so days, there hasn’t been much activity here on DroidGamers aside from the community keeping things going over on our forums. Some of you may be wondering where we had run off to, if we had tripped and fallen off the face of the planet or some other similar accidental event had happened.

While the concept of falling off the face of the planet is an interesting one, we tend to like to stay right here with all of our readers. However, as many of you know, last week was E3 2013 and we usually attend this wondrous event full of gaming joy and happiness. That was the original plan this year but as E3 2013 neared, we had to change our plans and we weren’t going to go.

We were all set up to camp here at DroidGamers headquarters, day and night, with multiple energy drinks and gummy candies to fuel us as we covered every little tidbit of Android gaming information that was sent to us or reported on elsewhere. Then another twist of fate happened the evening before E3 2013 was to start and we were off to the land of video game dreams.

In the craziness that is driving from DroidGamers headquarters to L.A. to attend E3 2013, we hadn’t realized we were not properly set up to actually post coverage while we were there. Also the hotel we were staying at had terrible WiFi. This made getting the news to our wonderful community almost impossible while we were there. The good news is, we have notes. Lots and lots of notes, news and stories to post.

So with that said, let this be the formal introduction to our extended E3 2013 coverage! We will be posting all our E3 2013 news over the next few days starting with today, all while posting all the currently news that happens each day as well. So for those of you who are regular visitors to our corner of the internet, be prepared for a ridiculous amount of articles this week.

All of our extended E3 2013 coverage will be labeled in the title with [E.E3 2013] so it is distinguishable from the regular news we will also be posting. You can also check the right side of the side for the latest E3 2013 articles from us or head right on over to the E3 2013 section of the site to see nothing but E3 news without all the other regular news mixed into it. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!

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