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[E.E3 2013] Kemco announces their first 3D RPG called Alphadia Genesis

Kemco has been a fixture on the Google Play store when it comes to releasing retro-style RPGs. However at E3 2013 the company decided to break the mold they had formed with releasing only that type of game with the announcement of Alphadia Genesis, their first 3D RPG which will be heading to Android soon.

If you follow and play a lot of Kemco games then you might find the name of this new one familiar and that would be due to the fact that there are already two Alpahdia games available, Alphadia and Alphadia II. This marks the third Alphadia title to land on Android but in a nice shiny 3D coat instead of the standard 2D retro style graphics for everything its older brethren came with. The game’ storyline is also familiar with ‘Energi’ playing a major role once again and, of course, you have to save the world.

This visual upgrade brings what many other Android gamers would probably agree with when it comes to Kemco games… a breath of much needed fresh air. While Kemco games are generally entertaining to play, the company has become very integrated with retro-style RPG titles. Releasing a 3D RPG now will probably make a lot of the company’s fans quite happy. However, this isn’t a ‘full 3D RPG’ as the field screens (where you are wandering around the world) are still in the style of 2D retro RPGs. Everything else however is rendered in 3D visuals.

Alphadia Genesis will be released this Summer in Japan while the rest of the world will have to wait until Winter 2013 to get their hands on this game. As for pricing, while we would normally take a guess and assume that it would follow all their other game’s pricing, being around $3.99, the fact that this is a 3D RPG instead could mean that Alphadia Genesis could end up being priced higher.

Developer Website: Kemco

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