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Mojang begins slowly rolling out Minecraft Realms server slots, 0.7.2 update on the way

Starting last week Mojang has begun to roll out available Minecraft Realms server slots for folks interested in hosting their own server so they can play with their friends. Since this is still labeled as an Alpha release, there are some bugs with Minecraft Realms that are currently being worked on, with some of them already being fixed and others being made ready to be released in the upcoming 0.7.2 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Since this is an Alpha release the slots being made available for people interested in having their own Minecraft: Pocket Edition server are rolling out slowly, something Mojang did mention they would be doing for the first few weeks of Minecraft Realms being live in order to test for additional bugs and to make sure there are no additional problems like bandwidth issues and lag.

When these groups of available server slots are made available, they are snatched up incredibly fast. In fact they are purchased so fast that unless you are right there when they open up, it is almost impossible to get one. The latest batch of available Minecraft Realms slots (100 in total) were made available in the wee hours of this morning and were sold out in a very short time. So in order to purchase your own server, you will have to be on your toes and very quick unless you feel like waiting for when Mojang full opens up Minecraft Realms to everyone.

Since the focus is on Minecraft Realms and squashing bugs, Mojang will also be issuing a new update full of bug fixes. The 0.7.2 update will most likely be arriving onto Google Play either later this week or at some point next week from what we are reading on Twitter from Johan.

While we will try to let everyone know when more server slots are made available for Minecraft Realms, we suggest following us either on our Twitter account or our Google+ (if you are not doing so already) as we will announce the moment more open up on those two social media outlets before posting here on the site in order to give everyone as good of a chance to buy a server as we can. We also suggest following Amir Moulavi from Mojang on Twitter as well since he seems to be the main person handling Minecraft Realms status updates including when new slots are made available.

As for when our servers will be going live, we are fighting it out like everyone else to try and snag some before they are all snatched up.

Google Play Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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