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More bad news for the Android version of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

It seems like Beamdog can’t get a break these past few months when it comes to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition not only for iOS but for the Android version that has yet to be released. While the Android version has suffered from a few delays due to bugs having been found, the iOS version has now been pulled from the App Store due to contractual issues.

These issues surround the entire project and not just the iOS version, leaving the Android version stuck in limbo as to whether or not it will actually ever get finished and released. The issues are between Beamdog and their publishing partner and since the game has been pulled for the App Store over these issues, it also means that development of the Android version has been put on hold for right now.

It gets even worse as these contractual issues as affect the upcoming enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate II, meaning plans for this game have now been put on hold as well. As it stands right now, both games may never see the light of day again if these problems are not resolved. Let’s hope for the best outcome though. Beamdog has put up a bit of a FAQ as well regarding this issues in case you have additional questions.

If things change, for better or worse, we will post an update.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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