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Skyjoy announces their upcoming arcade game Super Kid Cannon

Skyjoy has announced that they will soon be releasing their rather nifty arcade game called Super Kid Cannon. They are labeling this as a ‘vertical launcher’ which is not like a Doodle Jump type of game because you are not jumping as high as you can go. Instead you’ll be launching your character, who is a red panda, to the top of each stage.

Visually this game is rather colorful looking and as we can see in the screenshots, it looks like it get pretty damn challenging as well. The goal is to rescue your beloved Justine from the evil clutches of the despicable Kahn. This is done by journeying through mystical and magical places in the form of launching your panda out of different launchers as you climb up each stage.

There isn’t a whole lot of details about how many levels that will be coming with Super Kid Cannon or pricing but we do know it will be arriving this Fall. Definitely one to keep an eye out for and when it does launch, we will be sure to post an update.

Official Website: Super Kid Cannon

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