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Microsoft gearing up to release Age of Empires and other games onto Android?

Even more interesting news coming out today but this time regarding Microsoft. Reports are indicating that the company is gearing up to release some of their more classic game franchises onto Android and iOS devices in the near future. An example of one of these franchises is an official Age of Empires game for Android and iOS.

The report from Reuters actually stems from news from the Japanese site The Nikkei which states that Microsoft will begin bringing their classic games to Android and iOS devices, starting with Ages of Empires. While Microsoft is much more experienced on the App Store for iOS devices with many more titles there than on Google Play, we do have a couple including their Xbox SmartGlass application.

There is, of course, a bit of a catch to all of this rather good news. According to details, the games that Microsoft will publish, such as Ages of Empires, could very well end up being free-to-play games. While die-hard fans of games like Ages of Empires won’t care, this little detail could derail a possibly very profitable project by Microsoft. As for how exactly the free-to-play business model will play out is unknown. It could end up being a free trail with an IAP for full version purchase or possibly IAPs for things like speeding up timers.

Website Referenced: Reuters

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