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Spicy Horse Games’ possible upcoming title OZombie now live on Kickstarter

We’ve been following the saga that is Spicy Horse Games in regards to what their next title is going to be. At first it was going to be a rather cool and twisted sounding Wizard of Oz themed games called OZombie. Then news came out that if Spicy Horse Games and EA could work out the licensing issues that the next game would be a new Alice title. If they didn’t work their issues out then Spicy Horse Games would do the OZombie game instead.

Well judging from the fact that OZombie just went live on Kickstarter for funding, it appears that those issues pertaining to a new Alice game didn’t work out in favor of Spicy Horse Games, at least not right now. In case you missed our previous coverage about OZombie, the game has Dorothy’s great-great granddaughter joining forces with the Tin Man and the Lion in order to battle the Scarecrow who has gotten rather pissed about the brain’s he ended up getting. So now he’s taking his anger out on the world of Oz by turning everyone into zombies, stealing their brains and consuming all the magic and creativity in the world.

There is definitely a Steampunk flare to this game as well judging from the early concept art we have seen. OZombie will feature both single-players and multiplayer gameplay but multiplayer will only become available once people finish the single-player story. This will also be an action-adventure game but with plenty of narrative going on which is fine considering the game is based off of a story after all.

The OZombie campaign has 41 days to go and is sitting at just under $3,000 as of the time of writing this. Spicy Horse Games is looking to hopefully get $950,000 in funding to get this game out to everyone. If, and when, the Kickstarter campaign is successful and this game is released, it will be available for tablets only. You can check out their campaign pitch video above and the concept art below.

Website Referenced: OZombie Kickstarter


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