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Angry Birds update brings the red bird its own special powers

Not too long ago we talked about an upcoming update for Angry Birds that would finally be making the plain red bird not so plain anymore. Officially called the Red’s Mighty Feathers update, this brings a whole new episode of levels to play through featuring the new and powerful red bird.

Actually the red bird has a few powers available to him thanks to his new feathers. He’ll need to use them wisely if players hope to make it through the 15 new levels that come with the update. While this sounds like a standard Angry Birds update, Rovio has added a bit more to the game through the update than they usually do.

Angry Birds now has a new game mode called Egg Defender which, as you’re probably guessing by the title, will have players protecting an egg at all costs from waves of pigs intent on getting to that egg of yours. This isn’t your typical style of defense gaming either as the pigs aren’t just going to walk on up towards you to get to the egg. They will actually be using contraptions (72 different ones in all) that you would find in Bad Piggies. This means the birds are moving targets, making this game mode a lot more challenging.

If you haven’t updated your copy of Angry Birds just yet, you can do so at any time as the update is now live.

Google Play Link: Angry Birds

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